''Wizkid go back to school''-a fan lashes out at WIZKID

READ how it all started below:

The STARBOY had put up the picture above on his Instagram page, saying he was to perform at a wedding, but he had a hangover.

Unfortunately, he gbagauned by posting 'an' hangover.
When, for reasons best known to him, this Wizkid fan @Spruzman asked Wizzy to correct himself. Then he said it was cos of errors like this that Wizkid needed to get back in school.....see the tweets after the cut:

@wizkidayo About to perform at this wedding with an hangover! Jah guide! Lol

@spruzman @wizkidayo correct urself man

@spruzman Naxo u gbagaun for music sef *20man* smh tho...see d reason y u shud go bk 2 sch lol

@wizkidayo Broke people always think dey have an opinion.

@cockynigguh1 @spruzman u that went to school what do u have to show for it? Get a life bro he's making millions and your here on Instagram wasting

@iam_mozie Hehehehehehe

@duppycdolad @spruzman Fuck you

@mz_ana_shie @spruzman wal mk myztakx so watch d way yu tawk....tttwwwwwww

@brownskingyal25 @ola_01 ! You are Gbagaun urself already!! if you think he is Gbagaun TF u following him f
or??? Is nor by force! U wish to have a life like him! Since u can only have that kinda life in ur dreamzzzz is that why u are so pained?? Don't even want to look at ur profile ugly ass MOFO

@nvkyn @wizkidayo Lolyou now call your fans broke for spotting an error in your grammmar.

@toytoy211 @sleekmate03 you've said it all mehn. Best comment so far. Why can't he be teased... That's why i love @donjazzy he would have made his fans still laugh with the gbagaun.hmmmmmm

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