#Strangefact: Scientifically proven,Why Women Are Stronger Than Men

Recent scientific research is supporting the motion that women are stronger than men. One of their key proofs is that women have two x chromosomes and men have one.
The X chromosome is bigger and can contain more genetic material leading to a more complex and stronger system. This is backed with fact that women live five years more than men. This may infer that they are more resistant and adaptive than men.
A Woman’s Points
1. A woman can carry a 7 pound baby in her stomach for 9 months and deliver the child through the most painful experience known to man, Labour. A man would collapse if he experiences it. I believe if a man was to experience labour, his respect would shoot up for his wife after the experience.
2. A woman can talk on the phone, cook and clean all at the same time, can a man do that?
3. Women endure crazy pains e.g they can pull their hair by the root when using one of their assaulted shaving techniques, others can endure serious burning at the hair dresser’s and not complain about it.
4. Women can walk in a 5 inch heel e.g “pencil heel” all day, can guys do this?

A Man’s Defense
1. On pregnancy, women score a good point here. Men can’t withstand labour pains and that’s a bitter truth. But let me quickly point out that any difference between a man and a woman is for reproduction. Women have breasts and womb; men don’t. This tells us that women are built for child bearing. A man is a bad tool for the job so if he can’t bear labour pains he is justified. Use the right tool for the job. A hand saw and a razor blade are both sharp metals but one is for paper and the other for wood. Use the right tool for the job, you interchange them, you get disaster.
2. Women truly can cook, clean and talk on phone all at once. That’s called multi-tasking. A man can do it too and even better. A man can cook, clean and talk on the phone all at once with a cigarette in mouth and a beer in hand. That’s ultra-multi-tasking.
3. Women tolerate crazy pains like pulling their hair and burning their hair. A man does not need that. We are not obsessed with beauty like that. A simple haircut and we are out to work for the money. The ladies go through all that to look good for us. You dig.
4. Women walk in 5 inch pencil heels, please stop! Why should women wear such uncomfortable shoes in the first place, when they can simply walk in flat shoes? I can’t fathom this myself.
A Man’s Proof
As men, we don’t say much, otherwise how can we differentiate ourselves from women? So I would give just two points.
1. Women have it hard wired into them to turn to men for protection. It is a natural thing or simply put, that’s their default mode. By default they recognize us as stronger. And that is why they keep running after rich guys. Women put security on top of everything else and it’s what they look for first in every potential guy. Since, money = power = Security, women chase rich guys because they can guarantee their security. It’s a natural thing.
2. All a woman wants from a man is for him to be a man and she would love him, give him her heart and submit to him. Women know this, further explanation not necessary.
Please if you have a contrary view or a defense line for women, feel free to comment.
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