What you did not know about premature ejaculation

A Urólogist, Dr Celsus Undie, on Thursday in Abuja advised that men should not see premature éjaculation or érectile dysfunction as an infection.
A urológist is a physician who has a specialised knowledge and skill regarding problems of the male and female urínary tract and the male reproductive organs.
Celsus, who works with Kelina Hospital, Abuja, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
He said that it was normal for people that abstained from séx for a long time to experience érectile dysfunction or premature éjaculation..
He described premature éjaculation as the inability of a man to withhold éjaculation until he was ready to do so.
Celsus said that éjaculation was supposed to be a reflex action not strictly under willful control.
“If a man has abstained from séx for a very long time, he has a very high tendency to éjaculate early when he tries to have séxual intercourse.

“There is really nothing wrong with this. I try my best to discourage men from labeling themselves as having premature éjaculation or érectile dysfunction when they see me.
“ I do not know why women who have orgasm too early are not labelled and why women who take so much time to reach orgasm are also not labelled?” he queried.
According to him, men believed that they were better off when they could have prolonged érection every time they had séxual intercourse.
“This makes them to go from one hospital, one laboratory, to another, doing tests. They do not accept what a professional urológist tells them.
“They want to have érection that lasts 30 minutes or one hour, this is very abnormal.”
The doctor said some of the men ended up taking medications that would eventually cause them priapism.
Priapism is a potentially painful medical condition, in which the érect pénis does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation, within four hours.
“Priapism is a purposeless, persistent, painful érection unrelated to séxual desire, which tends to ultimately cause complete loss of érection in the future if it is not quickly treated surgically.
“What is important when it comes to séxual performance is technique, not the length of the pénis or how long the eréction lasted, ’’ the urólogist said.
He said one good orgasm would be enough for a day for most women, adding that failure to help a partner to reach orgasm could not be compensated by prolonged eréction.
Célsus said the remedy for premature éjaculation was regular and frequent séxual intercourse.
He advised that when a man was too tired or unexcíted, the woman should make the effort to turn him on.
“This way, érection will last longer.
“If the woman makes no effort until her husband is excíted and can no longer hold it, the level of excítement will be too much for the eréction to last long.
“Worse still is when the woman becomes hostile and rejects advances from her husband after an épisode of premature éjaculation.
“The man becomes afraid to go near her. When tension builds up in the man and he can no longer hold himself, he makes a lot of effort.
“As the woman refuses, he pushes even harder until he becomes extremely excíted. At this point, the érection will not last long at all. He will éjaculate early.”
Celsus advised the men experiencing such a condition to use condóms, saying that if they were supersensitive, the cóndom could reduce sensation and prolong their eréction.
According to him, if all efforts fail, they should see a urólogist as there are medications that can help genuine cases.
“The truth is that men have unfounded fears and more than half of the cases that see the urólogist have no premature éjaculation at all.
“All they need is counselling along with their wives and both parties could have satisfactory séxual experience thereafter.”
Source: NAN

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