OPINION:President Jonathan's game is up with ASUU !

"He that does not let his mother sleep,will also not be able to close his eyes"- A Yoruba proverb!

It will be noted that,on the first of july, 2013, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) embarked on a Nation wide indefinite strike to press home their demands,which was made known in an agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2009 and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed in  2012. Hence the over 50 Nation's Universities have been shut down and literary been on lock and key for over 5 months ,depriving the youths of their right to good education which in actual fact should be the number one priority and project of every great administration because without education a country is set to be heading towards total collapse.

And the Federal Government on its part,has done  little to making sure that this unfortunate and lousy occurrence that has become incessant in the history of our dear Nation's education come to halt and its being treated with enough sensitivity,rather what we get is a nonchalant attitude from the Federal Govt. towards an agreement that was jointly entered into with ASUU,in a view to better the standard of our Nation's public education - wasting the lives of the youths that are suppose to be the pillars of this Nation.

It baffles me to know that the president,after four months of the strike just took the striking lecturers serious or better still as funny as it is,let say - just had time for them. This feat by the president has left millions of well meaning and concerned citizens of this country wondering, where he was when the strike started .This has also made me ask myself several question like: does the "man" in our president exist?, is he the David we've all been waiting for to kill the Goliath of this land?, is that seat really for him?,does he possess the quality of a general as the commander in chief? etc- these are questions begging for answers,which I hope they get as 2015 approaches.

Prior to the President's "after four months" intervention on the impending strike,he was said to have pinpointed a country that closed down her education sector for a year;which goes to show that,he wouldn't care as a leader if same feat happens in Nigeria- during his tenure.

One thing that also keeps beating my imagination,is the fact that;the President was once a lecturer,once part of the ASUU,once supported the rebuilding of our collapsed education system- which,sure was also visible to him then by embarking on strike actions,but now;he has taken the movement to be just a mere charade by some individuals called lecturers. One would think Mr President's experience as a lecturer in one of those universities,that is not even one of the best in the country - in terms of infrastructure,welfare and academics,would have shapen his ideology of the need to better the standard of education in the country as soon as he gets into office but the reverse is the case.

If in fact we were  not lied to, that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. Then I actually wouldn't want to think that would be achievable by them (the students) sitting at home without doing anything instead of being in school. Nigeria to my understanding,is the only country where teachers go on strike for the Government to meet their demands. At 53,if as a country there are no concrete plans put in place to better our education in particular and the life  of our youths in general,then it will be right to say we have all been sitting  on a keg of gun powder that would soon explode.

As it stands,its obvious the president has played his last card with the issuing of- no work,no pay threat and sack threat to the striking lecturers. And with due respect sir,Mr. President the game is up,its checkmate time. Its high time you did this one thing right and stop playing games with the Nation's education and the youths- honour the 2009 agreement ;lets lecturers go back to classes and the student back to school.
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