Ignore And Let Silence Do The Work



"I want you all to try something once in a while. . .
Try ignoring people that
mean nothing to you. People who think they are getting to you with mere words or attitude. Be the bigger person and ignore them to death. . . It pains them more than any reply you may give to them. It leaves them frustrated because you are just put a spanner in their spokes. Imagine, their only plan is to yap and yap and yap away their frustrations on you, and here you are, laughing inwardly at their foolishness, and smiling outwardly at their stupidity. Their next line of attack depends on your next words, but then, you hit them with silence, and they get confused, utterly discombobulated. Nothing left to say. All their anger and supposed attack remains locked up inside with no provisions to let them out. Cheesy With you holding their next line of action, you refuse to give it to them and they are flabbergasted as to how you are snubbing their life out and still remain calm about it. . . Skippy. Frustration sets in on them and they silently die inside. Try ignoring especially die hard unrepentant ones and see yourself having the last laugh. Think first and act later. . .cool Some days ago here in Benin, a man with a 2012 Landcruiser grazed a 504. He came down from the SUV and was trying to intimidate the driver of the 504 with big words. The driver of the 504 kept quiet, and after a while said to the man with the landcruiser "The road is free, Go let me see you". . . It is not always by talking too much. . .

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  1. This shit wrks as hell......tried it once and I had d last laugh at d end of d day......hehe


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