Alright, this happened Friday the 27th February at about 10am or so.
I sat in the class while the lecturer taught but i paid no attention, i was busy on my phone writing out codes and hustling for free data. It was a short process but requires a repeat for every unsuccessful trial, as i kept trying suddenly.. the "haaaaahahahahahhaaaaaahaaaahahah!! " ringtone started (as that was my ring tone) interrupting my operation, i was about to pick, but it was a ‪#‎flash‬.
I looked at the number with a frown and realized it was the same number who gave two missed calls in the early hours of the morning ;an unsaved number ,i ignored and continued my operation and as i did, the flash came again and again.. ,i concluded this number was eager to reach me and at that moment i had no airtime on my phone, i didn't like that mtn's idea of Xtratime but then i borrowed and waited then the flash came again (so fast is the flash, in fact as fast as flash)

This time i called back,it rang but no reply, i began to lose my patience, then the flash came again and i called back this time the person ended my call, then i heard "ok do this now as classwork and submit now" from the lecturer, he was addressing the class. My head looked up from my phone looking at the question and seeing his similar solving on the board, i tore out a shit of paper and started solving, one more line to go and he said "ok submit else keep it" i submitted and by the time i picked up my phone Flash(as will be the person's name henceforth as till now i don't know the person's gender) had come and gone twice without my knowledge, i called flash and again flash ended my call. ahh at this time i understood that flash was having fun in all of this.
I was annoyed then i said to myself aloud.. "if this person will not pick my call this person MUST read my text" (and of course that's true... so true).
By this time, another lecturer was in but flash never gave in, and i guess seconds after that's, ''flash'' flashed again and with annoyance i hit my sms spot on my screen and started composing, my message went thus... " See. Look here i don't really know who you are but i expect you to stop fooling yourself because right now you're disturbing, i mean who does that? You better call or pick when i call and stop being stupid. . Mayb i can apologise later but right now you're the most senseless soul who knows me ‪#‎angry‬ " i didn't mind writing in full because i was so pissed off and then finally i hit the ‪#‎send‬ button, i felt a smile creep up my lips but it didn't last after about five seconds when the ‪#‎sending‬ signal was still displaying (ahh,the message no gree send o) .While looking at my phone, waiting to see the ‪#‎sent‬ signal(something which i did for a long while, over 5mins at least) flash came again and again and again, at this point i didn't know whether to get annoyed or sad : the fact that this person was having fun with me and my sms bomb hasn't been detonated yet, then finally!!! (yes o!.. finallyyyy!!)
My sms bomb was sent.. and i was smiling ear to ear "yess" i thought to my self ,then i heard again ‪#‎ahhhahahahhhhahahah‬ ... What!!!!!!! my phone rang and again it was flashhh.. i felt my phone laughed at me and my thoughts,as i. looked at my screen, i saw ‪#‎message‬ delivered to 081397*****. Oh, it wasn't delivered then. Five mins passed no flash, 10..still no flash and so i called hoping to finally converse with this annoying person but the number rang all the way twice with no answer,.. I on my own concluded that my sms really hit Flash hard, I had somewhat slightly began to miss flash (how funny) but flash never came back, flash was gone forever....................
Truly indeed i got what i wanted but i reasoned the gravity of my sms,i should have been happy that i struck with just a blow but i guess i struck too hard. . . well the rest of my day went on, i forgot the matter and so on.
I slept early(9pm) waking up early (2:40am) the next day, picked up my book and decided to "peel some pages" ( read) and as i read i need to use the calculator, my bag was not close so i thought of using phone. As i looked at the phone i recalled the whole flash-sms thing,i quickly brushed it aside and did my calculation. I kept reading but i did not concentrate, all my mind was reasoning was that i had offended someone that was when i started reasoning the ‪#‎what‬-ifs ,"what if it was an old friend?? once that has my number and i had long lost his? what it was a guy? a girl? or what if it was my new friend from computer engine who took my number to call so she could have my note later and i don't have her number?? " .Until i wrote down an apology text to be sent this morning, i could not have a light heart and when i did i finished up the book i was reading.. ... .
Easy the things you say when just might smash beautiful hearts made of glass
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