What nonsense! Kim Kardashian calls AFRICA "untidy and not worthy of hosting her sexy super model skin"

So it has gotten to that extent, ehn!!!!!

                      Who exactly is this lady???
Is she a singer, rapper, actress, show host or maybe Obama's step-mother's sister's nephew's cousin's great-grand-mother's brother's husband's ex-girlfriend! Who exactly is She??? My dear, your guess is as good as mine.

She'z known for her voluptuous b00ty, daz all!   Oh........yea! I almost forgot the SEX TAPE thingy with Ray J; parts 1 & 2! Yea thats all we know about the source of her fame.

It Now happened that kim turned down the offer of some liquor manufacturing company via her marketing manager (who dash monkey banana?), to officiate the launch of the drink in Johannesburg, nobody bothered her again o!

As if the company did not get her message, she decided to personally send her message home, saying "her skin is too sexy for African soil because it'll be infected by african diseases, South Africa is an untidy zone for a sexy model like her"

Maybe she forgot too soon that she was in South Africa in 2009 shooting a scene for her over-rated family reality TV show "KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS", Africa did not kill her then o!

Abeg na who beg you!!!
This is Africa and there are things we just don't ignore! You beta warn yourself by yourself! As if your president's not African! Mtcheeeeeew!

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